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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love On A Dime by Cara Lynn James

I want to share with you about this wonderful book. But first let me tell you a little about the author, Cara Lynn James

She is a debut novelist who has won numerous contest awards from Romance Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers. She resides in Florida with her husband.

Now for those of you, who like me, are novice writers, that should give you some hope! Keep entering those writing contests! I know I am!

About the book, Love on a Dime....

This is a little of what you will read on the back cover:

"Newport, Rhode Island, 1899, is a place of shimmering waves, sleek yachts, and ladies of leisure. Of opulent mansions that serve as summer cottages for the rich and famous...

But it's not the place for lady novelists. Especially not those who pen disreputable dime novels. This poses a problem for Lilly Westbrook, because that's exactly what she does.

No one in Lilly's social set knows she pens fiction under the nom de plume Fannie Cole. Not her family or the wealthy young man about to propose to her. And especially not Jackson Grail, the long-lost beau who just bought her publishing company.... and who stirs her heart more than she cares to admit...."

The rest you will have to read for yourself.... I just wanted to tease you a little with the back story!

About the story....

Lilly Westbrook, as we read, writes dime novels during a time when it was unheard of for a lady, be she young or old, to do any type of "work" if she was of the "rich and famous" set. It was all right to pen poetry for personal pleasure. But to actually write, make money from it, and write dime novels.... well if the upper echelon mommas knew, Lilly and her whole family would be ostracized for life. 

Then to make matters worse, Lilly's old boyfriend, Jackson Grail, is back. As the owner of the publishing company who publishes her stories! 

Jackson left the area many years ago to earn his fortune and become a man with standing in the society that Lilly was a member of. He also wants to make things right with Lilly. (Can't say much more than that!)

Cara did wonderful work in bringing to life these two main characters. Both Lilly and Jackson have struggles with faith, trust (each other and God) and through adversity they begin to overcome them. 

Sometimes in real life we allow the opinions of others to dictate our actions and way of life. Cara brings this very thing in the lives of Lilly and Jackson and shows us what is more important.

I can't say too much more than that. But I will say, once you have read this story, you will walk away knowing you have not only read a well-written book, but encouraged in your faith in God, no matter what your circumstance may be. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Win A Kindle... Catch a Ghost

This is for all  of your avid, bookworm readers! 

Author, Tina Pinson is having a drawing for a free Kindle. 

picture may not depict actual model of prize.

This is to celebrate the release of her new ebook In the Manor of the Ghost, which comes out this month from Desert Breeze Publishing. 

The drawing ends June 30, 2010, so be sure to enter it. No purchase is necessary, but do be sure to follow the instructions!

This is her link:  Write Where I Want to Be

Storm Warning by Billy Graham

This book is classic Billy Graham. It is filled with the love he has for those who know Jesus as their personal Savior and for those who don't know Him.

The writing is flowing and poetic. He shares his heart and spirit with the reader in a way that the reader has no trouble connecting with him. 

Storm Warning is probably one of the best books I have read. Billy Graham takes a look at what is going on in our current world situation, the current church situation, and everything in between. He puts it all beside the Bible and shows the reader how each event, whether it be wars and rumors of wars, natural disasters, various forms of deception, and more, line up with what the Bible says. 

Using the book of Revelation, going through the seven churches and the seals described there, he brings to light some of the difficult passages and how they apply to today and each person. 

Billy Graham takes the time to point out the storm warning, shows the Christian what to do, and gives hope to those who believe. For those who don't know Jesus as Lord, he makes sure they receive the gospel message through out the book. He doesn't present an easy believe-ism or a cheap grace message. But the love he has for those who don't believe is strong and clear, just as the message he has presented to the world, for years.

As a believer in Christ, I found this book to be not only helpful in dealing with all of the current world issues and church issues, but it helped me strengthen my faith in Jesus and that He is returning one day, soon.

For the non-believer, I think this is an excellent book for them to read, because they cannot deny that what the Bible has prophesied is what is taking place today. The proof and the truth is there for them to read. And the love Billy Graham has for them is palatable. 

I would recommend this book for any one who needs encouragement during these stressful times. It will strengthen their faith and give them what they need to face tomorrow.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of the BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I am not required to write a positive review. These are my own opinions that I have expressed here. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255

Monday, June 14, 2010

Book Review Catch-up!

Ok everyone... Here we go! Have fun reading and don't forget to leave a comment! I hope the links work..... they did on the test.... but if they don't please let me know!

Snow Melts in Spring by Deborah Vogts

This is a heart warming story about a young woman named Mattie Evans who is the veterinarian for a small town in Kansas and a retired pro football player, Gilbert McCray.

Mattie loves living in the Flint Hills and caring for the animals on the various ranches. She took over an existing veterinarian clinic in her home town so she could stay in the place she loved most. I can understand that, after having lived for 13 years away from where I grew up. I couldn't get back “home” soon enough.

Gilbert McCray's family has a large ranch in the Flint Hills, but because of the past, he couldn't get out of Kansas fast enough. He ends up coming back home because of his horse, Dusty, and a desire to make some peace with the past.

Mattie and Gilbert both learn how to let go of the past, look forward to the future and mostly, they learn about forgiveness.

Deborah Vogts is a wonderful writer who will have you feeling the wind coming off of Flint Hills and experience the joy of forgiveness.

This is a Kindle book that I was able to download for free. The publisher has the option of changing the free status to pay. So if you want to read this book for yourself for free, be sure to download it today.

This is off of the back cover:

“Fiona O'Rourke doesn't believe in love – and certainly not in a marriage arranged by her cruel father. And even if her unexpected betrothed seems honorable and kind, can she trust his motives...or the attraction between them?
Ian McPherson came to Montana to salvage his family's dwindling fortune, not to take a wife. But he's instantly drawn to Fiona. He wants to protect her- even if that means pretending that they're engaged. In a season of surprises and miracles, there's nothing he won't give to show Fiona his love is for always.”

This is such a sweet story! Fiona and Ian both are suffering from an arranged marriage by their respective families. This arrangement took place when they were but children. Neither one wants to get married for their own reasons. But, because of her cruel father, they pretend to be engaged until another option makes its way known. They both learn to trust and forgive and maybe even fall in love.

Gingham Bride is set in Angel County, Montana Territory during 1883. Jillian Hart did a wonderful work in her research and setting the stage for this story. You, the reader, will not be disappointed and she includes a discussion at the end of the story to help you reflect on took place and how it helps you in your faith.

When you first open the book, this is what you will read.....

“It was as if he were seeing things that had developed since the last time they had been honest with each other.

Anna let her thoughts grow and expand, knew they filled her eyes even as they filled her heart. She was being more open with him at this moment than she had been since his return....

“Would you mind singing it as I play so I can hear the words in my head?”

Colby's voice seemed to come from a long tunnel, taking its time to reach her brain.

Anna jerked away and turned back to the piano keys. She must guard her heart. And thoughts. Hadn't she learned that lesson already?

So she played. He played. And she sang.
And despite her constant mental warnings, Anna let the music wash over her, numb her caution. She knew a height of pleasure so new and unfamiliar she didn't even know what to call it.

It was the music. That was all. Nothing more....”

This is a story you will enjoy reading. Linda Ford writes in a warm manner. She breathes life into her characters, making them real.

Colby Bloxham returns home after being gone for two years. He left his baby daughter with Anna, his former sweetheart.

Anna has cared for and raised little Dorrie without the benefit of Colby's assistance. She isn't ready to trust Colby again, after he has broken every promise he made.

Colby claims to have found faith in God, yet, Anna doesn't know that she can trust him again.

Together they learn how to trust, forgive and deal with the past hurts and move forward to a better future.

Linda Ford includes a discussion section at the back of the book for you to use to help you strengthen your faith.


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