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Monday, February 11, 2013

TIMES OF TRIAL: An End TImes Novel #2 by Cliff Ball


This novel is a parallel novel to Times of Trouble and can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Three Christian families suffer from persecution as the President declares himself dictator, implements something called Order 21, and begins targeting his political and spiritual enemies. Meanwhile, tensions between Israel and Iran intensifies as the End Times approach.  

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Hi, I'm Cliff Ball. I'm a born again Christian, saved at the age of five years old, and I'm an Independent Baptist. I have two BA's, and a Technical Writing Certificate from the University of North Texas.

I published my first short story in 1992 through a high school Creative Writing Class and then didn't publish anything else until 2008, with my first novella, Out of Time: a Time Travel novel



Times of Trial can be read as a stand-alone or with Times of Trouble. Like Times of Trouble, Times of Trial is about the end-times and persecution of Christians in the United States. 

The president of the United States is a hater of Christians and Jews and will stop at nothing to make sure he remains the president. He and his equally power hungry goons implement Agenda 21. (Now if you don't know anything about Agenda 21 - which is very real check it out here. There are also lots of other listings about it.)

Cliff has again written a very insightful novel involving end-time prophecy and current events. This is a very easy book to read but don't let the ease of it detract you from the reality of what could actually take place.

All right, now I have a couple of critiques... though Cliff has done better in filling in the plot with detail, his dialog is still a bit choppy and stilted. I only say this, because I know how difficult it is to write dialog. So Cliff, this is just to encourage you to write your dialog more fluidly. That is probably the only thing I can think of that may be a distraction for the reader. 

I appreciate Cliff's dedication to get his work out for the public to read. Since he is a self-publisher, it can be a bit harder to get the word out. So I am more than thrilled to review for him. 

Thank you Cliff for providing me with a free ebook copy for me to review.