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Thursday, October 7, 2010

ENGAGING THOUGHTS: Inspirational Expressions to Motivate Your Day by Hubert Darnell Glover, Ph.D

Greetings to all of you! Today I am posting my review of a wonderful book of poetry titled “Engaging Thoughts” written by Dr. Hubert Darnell Glover. I am also posting my interview with him. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

First a little bit about the book:

Engaging Thoughts: Inspirational Expressions to Motivate Your Day is a book of poetry that anyone reading it can relate to. Each poem is joined with a verse from the Bible, giving the reader a word of encouragement.

There are many poems in the book that touched my heart and there is one in particular that I could certainly relate to. It's called “The Wrong Button.” It's about choices we make and where they lead us when we make them from our own decisions and not relying on God. But there is hope at the end! You will have to read it for yourself to find out the ending.

This book of poetry is one that would be a nice gift for someone you want to encourage, or even for yourself. Dr. Glover is a fine poet and anyone who appreciates poetry will appreciate this particular work.

This is a review that was written in Philadelphia:

Philadelphia, PA - Sep 20, 2010 - Engaging Thoughts by Dr. Hubert Darnell Glover is a
compendium of short poems based on the theme of Christian service and love for one's fellow man.

According to Dr. Glover, everyone needs occasional reminders of how blessed they are and what kinds of actions they should take to improve their lives. With that in mind, he offers a collection of original poetry inspired by scripture and focused on the Christian principles of love, perseverance, forgiveness, humility and more. Each poem is intended to evoke memories of experiences and events that will spark reflection and deeper understanding in the reader. Throughout the book, selected passages from the Bible are featured to underline key messages and reinforce the spiritual theme.

"The challenges the world faces from economics, politics, healthcare, education and more are demanding and we need positive mechanisms and support to drive us to conquer these challenges,"

Dr. Glover says. "I wanted to share something that would make a difference in the lives of others and I pray this work inspires, soothes, comforts and supports anyone who reads these poems."

Intended to cause personal reflection, the book is divided in to three themed sections. In "Reflection and Instruction," Dr. Glover urges readers to consider their circumstances and actions. "Praise and Admiration" features poems that direct readers to consider God and their relationship with the divine. Finally, the "Encouragement" section offers verses intended to inspire readers to move forward and face the challenges in their lives.

Here is a little of his bio:

Dr. Hubert Darnell Glover is president and co-founder of REDE Inc., an information technology
consulting firm that provides services and support to federal agencies including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Department of Commerce.

To see what Dr. Glover and I talked about today, go to my Interviews page and enjoy reading it for yourself.

LaTawnia Kintz

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