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Sunday, June 12, 2011


 Kansas City, MO - May 24, 2011- Athlete Tim Clark has releases his inspirational memoir With God All Things Are Possible!

Tim Clark was born with one arm and no legs, but this did not stop him from leading an extraordinary life. The youngest of four children, his parents and his siblings never treated him differently, and with the support of his family and his own fiercely competitive nature, he managed to become a varsity wrestler at his high school. He then went on to graduate from the University of Kansas, where he wrestled on the K.U. Wrestling Club and was introduced to the sport of table tennis. Tim began to play table tennis competitively, and later went on to place second in the United States for the Standing Disabled Doubles Table Tennis National Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After graduating from University of Kansas with a degree in business, Tim joined the workforce. This opened a whole new world of competition to him by way of the Kansas City Corporate Challenge, or the KCCC. This is an annual event that allows companies to put up their best competitors in different sports events to see who comes out on top. Tim excelled at table tennis going 56-7, winning gold in many events and eventually winning the prestigious KCCC Alex George Award after an amazing 50 yard freestyle swim in just 45 seconds! His competitive nature also drove him to run a 10K without his prosthetics, completing the run in less than an hour and a half. 

With God All Things Are Possible! is a story of a man whose achievements are remarkable by any standard, and particularly amazing in light of the disabilities Tim Clark refused to allow to stand in his way. Tim's attitude is the most commendable thing about the story; his steadfast faith and his drive to not just do well for a disabled man but to compete as an athlete are inspirational to all. Readers will find themselves cheering for Tim, and in awe of his fierce drive. The back of the book also includes quotes from former K.U. and NBA basketball star Danny Manning and Time Warner Cable's Metro Sports Dave Stewart. This is Tim Clark's first book; Tim lives in Kansas City, and works as an accountant for DST Systems.

When I received a notification about this book, I decided right away it was a book I wanted to read. I enjoy reading about other people and how they overcome various obstacles. Tim Clark faces obstacles on a daily basis that I can't hardly imagine. However, his complete outlook on life in general and his own personal life is an absolute testimony to Jesus Christ. 

Tim is very real and open in regards to his life's achievements and disappointments. Not once does he show pity for himself or for his disabilities. He will admit to moments of feeling sorry for himself but then he looks upon all that God has done for him and says God is Sovereign and He has a reason for everything.

Throughout the book I read about Tim's heroes and people who have been a big influence in his life. This includes various coaches, sports figures and Joni Eareckson Tada (she's one of my heroes, also). 
Tim was blessed with a competitive drive that would be used to help him become an outstanding athlete in not just one, but several different sports; including the 10k run that's featured on the cover of his book.

Because of his competitiveness and athletic abilities, Tim also helped the company that he works with gain recognition in the KCCC. (The Kansas City Corporate Challenge.) Several large companies get together every year and compete in various sports to determine who is the best, as well as strengthen friendships and businesses. It sounds like a grand time to me!

I have to say, though, the most important aspect of the book and Tim's life, is his belief and trust in Jesus. He writes about some of his favorite passages from the Bible and how with each new challenge he turns to the Lord for strength and courage. 

This is a wonderful book and it's definitely one I am glad I had the opportunity to read. I would encourage everyone to buy one and read it, today.

About the book:
With God All Things Are Possible! By Tim Clark
ISBN: 978-1457502224
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Date of publish: March 21, 2011
Pages: 192
S.R.P.: $14.95

For further information: With God All Things Are Possible, or at  Tim Clark Inspires

This book was provided freely to me for the purpose of review by Tim Clark. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. 

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