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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tombstones and Banana Trees by Medad Birungi and Craig Borlase

A Revolution of Forgiveness
Medad Birungi faced pain few imagine yet speaks of forgiveness all can experience.

Birungi grew up with a violent father in the war-torn country of Uganda in the 1960's. His childhood was scarred by extreme poverty, cruel suffering and unbearable sorrow that few of us can even imagine. Yet from that trauma came the lessons that we can all appreciate: the impoverishment of life without Christ, the redemption of the cross and the revolutionary power of forgiveness. His story deals in nothing less than pure god-given transformation. Tombstone's and Banana Trees has the dual quality of being both uniquely individual yet universally relevant, holding together the grandest of themes and most intimate of testimonies. Birungi's life is so comprehensively renewed that any reader sharing in his journey will feel the impact.

Tombstones and Banana Trees will take readers back to their own tombs and funerals and help them ask how God turn them into new births and celebrations. Their eyes will be opened to the revolutionary change that God Himself has in store for all.

After reading the life story of Mr. Birungi and all that he went through, I was thoroughly awed at how the Lord changed his life from bitterness and hatred to a life of forgiveness. Page after page I read about the abuse, poverty and suffering he and his family endured. My heart broke for the child he was and rejoiced to learn about the man he became, in the Lord. 

He doesn't just talk about forgiveness but he walks in forgiveness and in doing so challenged me to examine my life and walk with God. It caused me to question whether or not I walk in forgiveness or harbor anger and resentment. 

After he accepted the Lord as his Savior, the Lord began dealing with the bitterness and hatred and unforgiveness. As he began to pray for those who had caused him harm, God began to do an unbelieveable work in his heart and life.

Tombstones and Banana Trees is a book I would recommend for anyone to read who struggles with forgiveness in their lives. It will cause you to face the unforgiveness in your own life and seek the One who forgave us as He died for us. 

    Reverend Medad Birungi is a Bible teacher, lecturer, pastor and founder of World Shine Ministries, an organization that evangelizes, disciples, and intercedes in prayer in Uganda and around the world. Medad and his wife have five children and live in Uganda.

Click here to learn more about World Shine Ministries and the work Reverend Birungi is involved in.

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