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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Straight to the Heart of Moses: 60 Bite-sized Insights by Phil Moore

I have read many commentaries on the various books of the Bible. Some good, some not real informative and some I would never read again. However, I found this commentary to be informative, well written, easy to read, and applicable to my life today.

Phil Moore leads a thriving church in Wimbledon, London. He also serves as a Bible teacher and evangelist within the Newfrontiers family of churches. After graduating from Cambridge University, Phil spent time on the mission field and then in the business world. He had devoted many years to the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, and he brings them to life inthe language of today in the Straight to the Heart series. When Phil is not writing, he likes getting beaten at football by his young children.

Out of all of the books in this series I chose to review this one because Moses and the first five books of the Bible are dear to my heart. (As well as the rest of the Bible.) I especially wanted to see what he would say about the tabernacle the Israelites built in the wilderness. (Only because I wrote an indepth teaching about the tabernacle in the wilderness.) Also I wanted to see how Pastor Moore would take such a huge chunk of the Bible and make it into a manageable commentary.

I was not disappointed. For example: 

Could anything speak more loudly about the humility of God's presence? The same God who defeated Pharaoh, a ruler whose name was Egyptian for Great House, condenscended to make his dwelling place in a lowly desert tent.... The book of exodus goes out of its way to express that the glorious, transcendent God the Savior is also the intimate, immanent God the Indweller.... The mighty, invisible God of the Hebrews is humble enough to dwell in a tent among his People.... [pp 99, 100]

Through out the whole time I read this book, I was brought to tears. He showed me my God, God the Savior, was also God the Indweller, God the Holy One, God the Faithful One, and God the Covenant Keeper, in a fresh way that was relevant to me.

This book definitely has encouraged in my walk with Jesus, given me more ideas to think and write about and helped me to see my Lord in a fresh way. Sometimes we just need a fresh reminder of who our Lord God is, and this series will gently remind us if we keep our heart, eyes and spirit open to the Lord.

I am adding a link for you to click on to read a sample chapter from this book. Be sure to do so... you won't be disappointed.

Click here to read a sample chapter from this book.

Also, here is the link to Phil Moore's other commentaries. There are more sample chapters you may view.

Here is an extra bonus for you!

Beginning February 22 and continuing through Easter Sunday, Kregel Publications will be tweeting links to Straight to the Heart of Romans. The entire book will be posted as short, five to ten minute, daily readings. I want to encourage you to check out this fresh, and free, engagement with the Bible. Find it by following Kregel Publications  or #Straight2Heart on Twitter.

Kregel Publications made this review possible by providing me with a review copy of Straight to the Heart of Moses. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review.


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