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Saturday, August 10, 2013



Okay Truman fans, here is another installment that is worth reading. Chris Well has written another comical story about down-and-out Truman. This time Truman finds himself trying to get out of writing a biography about a really bad man and trying to stop a murder-for-hire. 

Well throws in lots of humor, laugh-out-loud scenes and lots of twists in this crazy story. 

This is definitely a "guys" book, not that women wouldn't enjoy it. However the humor is "guy" humor and may not be appreciated by most women. I did enjoy the story though it is a bit out of my usual reading genre.  

If you haven't read Too Good To Be Truman, I suggest you get a copy of it before you read Too Bad To Be Truman. It isn't a stand-alone book. The characters you will meet in Too Good To Be Truman are carried over into the second book. So reading the second book would be like jumping into the middle of the story. 

Chris has a great dialog, strong plot and equally strong characters. I believe you will enjoy reading these books.


Here's the deal: When I was in the first grade, my life goal was that I would grow up to be Batman. Because I thought it was a vocation -- you know, policeman, fireman, Batman. Once my first grade teacher crushed the dreams of that little boy, I guess I decided I would do the next best thing and make up stories about Batman. And then somewhere after that I learned about things like "intellectual property" and "copyright law" and "cease and desist" and decided that I would have to make up stories about my own characters.

So today, I do just that: Write stories about my own characters -- whether it's a doomed
hitman named Solomon Long or a grumpy old amateur sleuth named Earl Walker or an
out-of-work smart alec crime reporter named Truman.

My novels include the crime comedy TOO GOOD TO BE TRUMAN, the Earl Walker whodunit
NURSING A GRUDGE and the Kansas City crime shoot-em-up FORGIVING SOLOMON LONG.

Check out his website

Chris Well provided me with a free advance reader's copy for the purpose of writing this review.



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