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Friday, March 9, 2012

When I Fall Please Grab My Hand by Christine Z. DeWitte

This is a review long over due, but, I hope you won't be disappointed. When I Fall Please Grab My Hand is a book that was written for me. At least I think so. After you read it, you may think it was written just for you!

Eighty-nine days of a simple, child-like look at the word of God and His love, this book moved my heart and spirit, filling me with the joy of His love and grace. 

I was more than appreciative of the way Christine presented each day with her heart open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. At the end of each day she leaves a place on the page where I could write down the one thing I could commit to the Lord. Just one thing. Sometimes we get so caught up with trying to commit so much to Him that we become lost in all we see wrong with ourselves and the world around us. Many times I have called out to my Savior to grab my hand when I fall down.

Christine reminds us that Jesus will do the work in us in a simple, unhurried fashion. Just as we live our lives one day at a time, if we commit one thing to Him one day at a time, He will finish the work in us that He has begun.

Through her own trials, Christine pours her heart into the Lord and those around her, being light and salt, dispelling the darkness and causing others to thirst for the relationship she has with her Savior.

In using humor, personal examples and baring her heart, Christine has written a book filled with lessons that lead, prod, and pull each reader closer to a child-like faith and walk with the Living Lord.

I would most definitely recommend this book to every one I know. I was able to review this book through the generosity of Christine DeWitte who provided the book for the purpose of review.

About Christine DeWitte:

Chrissy DeWitte has been married for 20 years, and has two grown children and two grandchildren. Although Chrissy accepted Christ when she was 24, it was not until 17 years ago that she began to attend a Bible believing church. To view her webpage go to: http://whenifallpleasegrabmyhand.com/.
Chrissy's pastor likes to joke that he had no idea how God would use this lady with big hair and a big laugh when she came to their church!

Over these past 17 years, learning and applying the Bible to everyday situations has transformed her life! She has learned through life's imperfections, divorces, deaths, challenges, mistakes and victories, that the Lords joy can always be present when we seek His will.

She has served in the USAF and went on to be a financial counselor at Consumer Credit Counseling and then as a civil servant for the military. She now works full time for her husband and also does bookkeeping for contractors. Chrissy teaches a weekly ladies Bible Study and is very involved in serving the Lord at her church.

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