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Friday, June 1, 2012

KNOW GOD AND LOVE HIM by Joanne M. Rypma

What the book is about:

This prayer book offers you an opportunity to reflect on God and your relationship with him. It will help you to experience his presence and power in your life, encourage you to trust him completely in all you say and do. You will read about some of God's promises and his love for each one of us. Whether you are preparing for a pastoral ministry or if you just want to meditate on the Word of God, these prayers will assist you on your spiritual journey and bring you closer to him. Scripture passages from the Old and New Testaments are included in these prayers. The readings used on weekends in church for the Liturgical Years, A, B and C each have their own prayer in this book. You will find through my prayers your heart will be opened up to God's love in such a way that they will help you grow in holiness. Through the night and through the day, my heart and mind are searching for the way. Rest in the heart of Jesus and let his truth guide us through the mysteries of life. Each day let us celebrate the gift of life God has given us.

About the Author:

Joanne Rypma was attending a Bible Study class at her church and the priest would ask the parishioners attend the class to say an opening prayer. Week after week no person would volunteer so she went home and wrote several prayers that she would say as a opening prayer at the Bible Study class each week. Everyone enjoyed her prayers and often told her how much they meant to them.

She felt inspired by God the Holy Spirit to write this book of prayers. She says there are many benefits to reading a prayer book, but ultimately we will only get out of prayer the transformation we seek if we are open to listening to God guiding us.   

After 25 years of doing business office work, Joanne Rypma is giving her time and talent to working for her church in the Catholic Council of Women. She was born in Michigan and now resides in Florida.

My Review:

Though I'm not Catholic, I found many of the prayers in this book to be inspiring. I was able to use them as a springboard in my prayer time. 

Sometimes in our prayer time we struggle just to begin. Joanne's prayers are heartfelt and expressive. You can sense the presence of God in her prayers and by thoughtfully praying them they will encourage you to step out in faith and open your heart up to God and begin a good communication with Him.

Not full of fancy words, or flowery dialogue, each prayer is straightforward, pointing to God and His presence, His Son, Jesus and more.

Again, not being Catholic, I don't use the prayers directed towards Mary and such. But Joanne's book is full of other wonderful prayers. 

I believe this prayer book is a wonderful asset to any believer who needs a jumpstart in their prayer life. I think it will encourage anyone to take that step to open their heart and mouth and begin to thank God for His many wonderful gifts and change in their lives.

Joanne Rypma provided this free review copy for the purpose of writing this review. I am under no obligation to write a positive review.

Many thanks to her and OutskirtsPress.com.


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