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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


In case you missed my review the first time I posted it, I am re-posting it with great news! THE UNRAVELING OF WENTWATER is now available for purchase at Amazon. So be sure to stop by there and get your copy of this 4th book in the Gates of Heaven series by C.S. Lakin!


Teralyn, the babe born in Wentwater, is the one who will unravel Wentwater. On her naming day, the marsh witch appeared unexpectedly and placed a curse on her. The villagers banished the parents out of the village and set the cottage to burn with Teralyn in it. 

The villagers of Wentwater are extremely superstitious. Sweeping away the footprints of chicken feet, a loose button will cause untold trouble if it comes off the garment, stopping in a doorway and spinning around so the shadows don't hold evil.... Every bit of their lives, thoughts and relationships are tied to superstitions.

Then there are those who live in the Heights of Wentwater. Nary a superstitious thought among them. They are scholars, thinkers, seekers after knowledge and wisdom, until they have reduced their world into a logical, intellectual world that has only room for their words. Forget magic and wonder, there is no place for that.

Justyn is one of those who lives in the Heights. He used to be a villager, in fact, he was there when the tragedy of Teralyn happened. His brother, Fromer, still lives in the village. Only Justyn has no use for his brother, thinking he is above him and all of those who live in the village.

Teralyn, who has lived in the Heights for all of her life, or so she believes, goes down to the village for a music fest and from that point on things begin to happen.

C.S. Lakin has written another wonderful book. Focusing this tale on words and their importance, she unravels the two extremes of Wentwater. Then revealing the necessity of both logic and superstition, intellect and emotions, she weaves together two communities that need each other with the greatest word of all. 

I can't wait to read this book again. I highly recommend The Unraveling of Wentwater to anyone who enjoys an extremely well-written fantasy. 

This book will be available in July through your favorite bookstores including Amazon.com and Christianbook.com

I was able to review this book through the courtesy of C.S. Lakin and AMG Publishers. They provided a review copy for the purpose of writing this review.

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