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Monday, August 6, 2012

GOD KNOWS YOUR NAME By Catherine Campbell


Contemporary and biblical stories offer hope to those struggling with rejection
  For many people the idea that God likes us as individuals, just as we are, is often an unfamiliar concept, while rejection--by a partner, one's parents, an employer, or friends--is a fact of life.

This book encourages readers to embrace the truth of a personal God with whom we do not need to struggle to gain recognition, a God who intervenes and acts on our behalf, a God who knows our names!

Each of the six chapters contains two stories dealing with situations of rejection. The first story concerns an individual from the Bible, explaining how God stepped in to change his or her situation, thus revealing how important the individual was to him.

The second, connecting story tells of a present day individual in similar circumstances and how God again positively intervened. These are true stories, using carefully researched material for authenticity and accuracy, and told with remarkable power and conviction.

Read an excerpt here http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001bOIOIYb-I_-aC0ySCz6d_Pk32Twfk-bdAyYndS6--B4AXAY_CpX2ge1iWjQAdMhb-dlLgws_2lRVUZ-7UAxTUTY3tiIbVIwicjzW5dweyM9OmleK1qqe3yaFRSkbDZ5_TyxA2nbTs6rzNzg831tJfwZE6Iq-gXRhRwzPaE_l6OA=

Want to know about Catherine Campbell? View her video! http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001bOIOIYb-I_8vrmuNH-42Ks4xmy5eihAxDUSfoeIoiZ2BUAjBGzviKvmQVdqwr1rrBMU4bUXILJy8l5tMgsK5X_YaDB06VOKMwAO0iJWnnoyRYriVnP3x6Q==

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Website: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001bOIOIYb-I_888j2UEywc85lUA-oXh1TUtZseugmDEpWZf2PacQatPrpTWoqKOG1wZ3yO3D2A9jo5MfSq4rB56mxuIYy7mOIDHJ0IT34XcoW8HT_FO91khyRW2TSHgqkX 

Facebook page: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001bOIOIYb-I__FTtdm8y2qMtK1Pjid62t9b5ePXinsUITCEOAHGjiTeBm3BbDeXIDJXeR4qXOlqUQA9uQfVPFN8aLiNzwl2QO6FbZUNWXmyXcRVh173_5AOSuS09fHspNQ9qXOzuVaSNiX700jqyEYtQ== 


I feel reviewing books is a blessing not only for me but also for the author who took the time and effort to write a book on a subject that will interest someone out there in reader-land, and because of my review and the reviews of my fellow reviewers, that book is bought by many people.

Reviewing books is also a blessing especially for new authors with a voice that wants to be heard. So I get to "hear" what they are saying and pass it on to you. 

Having said that, I have to say Catherine Campbell has written an outstanding book. God Knows Your Name: In a world of rejection, He knows you, is timely, timeless, and beautiful.

Many, many times I had tears streaming down my face as I was reading this very moving book. Oh how she brought to life those stories we read in the Bible: Hagar, the man healed of leprosy, the woman with the issue of blood and more.   

Catherine combines a biblical character story with a contemporary story to reveal to us that no matter what others think about us, say about us, or even treat us, God knows our name and we are priceless to Him.

It doesn't matter if someone is born as a Dalit, or is merely a slave who must do their mistress's bidding, God knows our name. How transforming is that phrase when you think about it. 

We live with so much rejection, yet, God is there, waiting for us, calling us by name, and Catherine has captured the Father heart of God with each portrait she has painted with her words.

This book will bring you to your knees in gratitude, reverence, and humbled before the One who knew each one of us before the before the foundations of the earth was laid. 

This review was made possible by Kregel Publications. They provided me with a free review copy. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. 



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Catherine Campbell said...

Thank you LaTwania for reading my book 'God Knows Your Name'. Your very full and clear review is much appreciated. Both the biblical and contemporary stories in the book really touched my own heart as I was researching and writing. God bless you, Catherine