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Thursday, October 18, 2012

OFF TARGET: 18 Bull's-eye Exposes by John Noe, Ph.D.


Have we Christians been led astray by our own leaders; dumbed down in our theology by ideas, interpretations, teachings, doctrines of men, and traditions that will not stand up to an honest and sincere test of Scripture; and consequently drawn off target in the practice of our faith?

This on-target, bull’s-eye-aimed book re-explores what authentic Christianity really is versus today’s institutionalized and substandard versions that we’ve comfortably come to know and accept. As you’ll discover, beliefs do have consequences. This is why our modern-day versions pale in comparison with vibrancy and effectiveness of the Christianity that was preached, practiced, and perceived in the 1st century and turned that hostile world “upside down” (Acts 17:6 KJV). They also pale in contrast with the faith that brought our forefathers to America to found this country and establish its great institutions—most of which we moderns have given away to the ungodly crowd and without a fight. Bottom line is, we Christians are paying an awful price for our self-inflicted deficiencies.


John Noē (pronounced “No-ee”) is president of the Prophecy Reformation Institute, a conservative, evangelical scholar, and a member of the Evangelical Theological Society. He holds an earned Ph.D. in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary and the University of Liverpool (“With Distinction”). He’s the author of five other trade-published books: The Greater Jesus, The Perfect Ending for the World, Hell Yes / Hell No, Off Target, People Power, and Peak Performance Principles for High Achievers. John is also a screenwriter, an award-winning entrepreneur, and a past 20-year member of the National Speakers Association. He’s been featured on numerous TV and radio programs including CNN’s Larry King Live and CBN’s 700 Club, has climbed mountains around the world, and lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Cindy, a state representative. They have two grown children and thirteen grandchildren.


It has taken me some time to write this review. I wanted to be sure I had a good grasp on what Dr. Noe had to say. However, I found the book to be somewhat confusing. Perhaps it was the format.

There are some areas that I completely disagree with and found they left a dis-quietness in my spirit. That doesn't happen often when I review books. But when it does, I have to listen to what the Spirit of God is trying to show me.

Dr. Noe takes a strong stand in his belief that God is the creator of evil, no antichrist arising during a future seven-year period, nor does he think Christ will return, just to mention a few in this book.

Now if I have misunderstood what he has written in this book, then the error is mine. However, I do believe if a person is going to take such stands, then his point needs to be clearer to the reader. 

I would like to be able to close this review with an encouraging word, however I find it difficult. I would like to say to all of those who read this book and any other, that you search out the scriptures for yourself. Also, don't just read the verse mentioned, but read the whole context, determine who the writer is writing to, what was taking place historically and how does it apply today. Basic sound hermeneutics. Let us all be like the Bereans and search out the scriptures daily. 

I received this free review copy from Dr. John Noe for the purpose of writing this review.


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