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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hi everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I wrote any reviews. I've been reading when I can. It's been a bit difficult since this is the busy time of year here in the country. My vegetable garden is really taking off and so are the weeds, so that is a priority. Especially if I want to eat what I planted! There are other things going on as well. To read a recent update go to my other website Words From the Heart. So without further ado....


If you have ever read anything by Max Lucado, you will find this to be classic Max Lucado writing. I have always enjoyed reading anything he has written. It's easy to understand, easy to read. And his style makes you want to read his books over and over again. He writes like he is having a conversation with a good friend.

In Cast of Characters, he has taken some various people in the bible and adds a little story with each one. One of my favorites is Mephibosheth. (I actually presented a teaching to a women group on him, some years ago.) I was pleased with the way he presented Mephibosheth. Because the story is about what is at the King's table for us.

At the end of each chapter, Max gives us a little time for reflection and discussion, so this book could be used as a small bible study.

I am not particularly crazy about the translation he uses for this book. Personally I am a New King James girl, King James without the hithers and thithers. Some people like the more modern translations, but I feel a lot tends to get lost.

Other than that, the book is a real good book to read. It will encourage you, make you think and even cause you to do some more digging into the Bible to see what else is in there for you.

I would recommend this as a good book to give as a gift, possibly use for a small group study for new believers, or just general reading.

This book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson and I am not obligated to give any particular review of it. All that I have said is of my own opinion.

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